About the Healing...

- Supercharge the attraction that will unite you and your soul compliment together.
- If you already have a permanent partner, open them up to allow access of your soul compliment.
- Remove any blocks that are preventing them from coming in now.
- Recalibrate to a more aligned future that ensures you and your soul compliment find each other.
- Fine-tune your creator field so that you are undoubtedly creating your soul compliment experience.
- Create new, better situation and circumstance for meeting your soul compliment.
- Due to our off-track world and the resulting alterations made to your original soul plan, receive new, upgraded soul lessons and soul path that you'll need to ensure you connect with your soul compliment since your original failsafes are now gone.
- Because of agreed upon limitation to how much they can help us and the now uncertain state of all our futures, make the adaptive adjustments to guarantee your soul compliment union that Source and guides can't do for you.
- Remove any bad mental and emotional programs that would hurt your soul compliment relationship.
- Assign a specialized team of universe support to speed up and ensure this special connection.
- Add in powerful fields that will influence you to do the right, on path things vs. getting corrupted by our ever-changing futures.
- Reprogram your heart to make the right decisions regarding the things that have to do with your soul compliment.

Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Course curriculum

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    Soul Compliment Alignment & Actualization Healing (Video Replay)

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