The topics you will learn about in this event...

- The Role of Chaos and Growth - get the next level tools to move through and beyond this chaos

- The Global Lesson in Self Love - step up your self love game so you can beat this ultimate test of self love

- Following the Soul Path - put an end to the repeating lesson this obstacle is helping you clear out

- The Bigger Picture of the Decision - know exactly what physical manifestation you are attracting as a result

- Breaking Down Each Vaccine - know which vaccine will make you a match to which specific physical ailments/side affects

- Becoming Emotionally Balanced - get all the information you need to make emotionally balanced decisions throughout this heavy time

- Having Empowered Conversations - learn how to effectively communicate this higher consciousness information to others

- Soul-Aligned Solutions for Your Life - always have the highest solutions no matter what choice you made about the vaccine

Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How Source is Using Vaccines (Video Replay)

    • Part 1: Intro + Understanding the Source & Soul Plan

    • Part 2: Breaking Down the Emotional Why & Field States for Getting the Vaccine + The Timeline Change

    • Part 3: Virus Technology + The Delta Variant

    • Part 4: The Top 4 Vaccines Breakdown + Spike Proteins

    • Part 5: The Top 12 Ailments from Vaccines + What it takes to be a match to them

    • Part 6: Closing + Questions