Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

What You Will Learn in this Event

Doctor check ups clearly are not working anymore.

Since when was "died suddenly" a commonly used term? You hear it more nowadays than ever before.

Being the powerful healer type you are, I'm sure you've heard your fair share of people's stories of baffling misdiagnoses with more than 72% of people getting misdiagnosed a year.

Or the emotionally taxing (and expensive!) journeys people endure to make a full recovery if you haven't gone through a few of those yourself already. There's a hard truth that getting results after countless prescribed procedures, medications, and lifestyle changes is really more a hope than a guarantee.

How many people have to do "x" or take "y" for life just to be at peace with their sickness, disease or pain for the rest of their life?

You being at your best is more important than ever before to keep yourself, the people you love and your community safe from all the on-going trials and tribulations that are going to be ramping up. Becoming 80% worse in fact in the next few months. So many are already in the thick of it.

It's because of who you are and what you are here to do that I knew I needed to develop a more precise, more effective and higher conscious way to deal with sickness and disease.

Something at least 21x better than going to a regularly scheduled doctor's check up as made standard by society and western medicine.

You and your soul's mission inspired me bring to life this event: Defeat Your Next Illness Event.

In this event, I will teach you the most precise, effective and easy to use formula to release any sickness or disease that already exists in your body, decode its message to you.

I'll also teach you how to use this same formula to preemptively get ahead of any sickness and disease you didn't realize you may be lined up for so you can get rid of it before it even manifests in your body.

Now, this is also not to say that it's only western medical practices that have its holes. So many alternative approaches don't fully nail it on the head either.

For years I have noticed that the spiritual community tends to put significantly less onus on the physical body than energy practices even though illnesses, pain or anything that goes wrong in the body can quickly become debilitating and ruin any energy work you could possibly try to accomplish by...

Curbing high performance
Pulling focus from things that matter
Inspiring negative, damaging thoughts
Preventing you from enjoying certain activities
Eating time that could be spent making money
Making you unhappy daily

Imagine trying to manifest when all day having the thoughts broadcasts "the world doesn't support me" or "too much is out of my control."

And those are just two examples of the many broadcasts that could create illness.

More importantly, let me ask you... you get an email notice for what your next big illness is and when it's coming?

(If you do, let me know.... kidding!)

Even if you do know about this concept of reflections I'm referring to, do you always clear them out before they get to your body?

Does a certain illness stubbornly stick around because you're having trouble pinpointing its exact message, which causes it to not go away?

The reality is that most of the time sicknesses and diseases come out of nowhere, the universe warning signs sneak past you and you get caught off guard.

Forcing you to spend more time in catch up, fixing mode that focusing on the things that will grow your business, increase your wealth, or connect toy with your soul compliment.

If you had a better way to take sickness off the table and knew way in advance about an upcoming heart attack, cancer, flu or bout of monkey pox and how to prevent it from ever happening, how much time, peace of mind, relief and money would you save?

It's why I designed this event for you.

—> No more health-caused setbacks in life.
—> No more getting caught off guard by illness.
—> No more unnecessary worry about getting sick.
—> No more suffering from dealing with a lasting ailment

Course curriculum

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