Course Description

This incredibly powerful healing is focused on removing any energetic or physical programming that is designed to age the body. This groundbreaking healing is designed to restructure the body on an energetic and physical DNA level, Brain and Heart Brain level, as well as alter the body’s master cells and all other necessary areas. This is all made possible using and utilizing frequency and vibration as well as the energies of Source and other light beings of the highest capabilities.

The typical time period to manifest these physical changes is typically 2 - 9 months. Please follow the recommended homework during this manifesting process.

This Energetic Healing and Adjustment is designed to unlock all our capabilities with intuition and take your intuition to it's highest function. This is partially obtained with using frequencies and vibrations as well as help from source and your guides.

There are many types of intuition. The ability to read animals. To read objects. To read the frequencies of the world. The ability to predict better than a psychic. the ability to feel what the world feels. The ability to hear source. To act as a medium. These are just some of the abilities you will be activating with this healing. Being able to get the highest answers for ourselves and others. Being able to read the universes every signal.

The most successful people in the world have some oof the greatest intuitions. If you hope to achieve your greatness in this life time this healing is a necesity for you.

Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Course curriculum

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