Course Description

Have you ever wandered about or wanted to tap into your brains full potential? This energetic healing is designed specifically to accomplish unlocking 100% of all our brain's abilities and potentials.

Things like being able to recall information like a computer. Accessing your photographic memory potential. Accessing what is our version of a perfect memory. Being able to store all information perfectly that you deem important and useful. Opening up your brains ability to process never before amounts of information at once and be able to problem solve at the highest new levels. Each person with experience unique brain unlock gifts as well. Abilities for the brain to heal the physical body.

The typical time period to manifest these physical changes is typically 2 - 9 months. Please follow the recommended homeworks during this manifesting process.

Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Course curriculum

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    Brain Abilities Energetic Audio

    • Instructions and Exercises

    • India Brain Ability Unlock (Final Print)