About the Healing...

- Create new, past broadcasts that will enhance the pulling in and formation of what you want most in your life

- Gain the highest, supportive energies that will maintain your positive, supportive broadcasts in the hardest obstacle moments

- Add in light tower energies that will help you stay on course even in the most impossible junctures

- Radiate a powerful match and field build at all times - not just after a good, feeling aligned day

- Give new order to the cells in your body so you experience being sick much less this year

- Pull in unheard of assistive energies that will powerfully guide you throughout the year to ensure you get to your desired "finish line"

- Ignite the inner knowing and clarity of how to reach your destination in the shortest amount of time

- Pull in the perfect, highest frequency tools and knowledge you will need for your journey

- Create a creator field programming that is works harmoniously with you towards what you are trying to accomplish

- Start to feel massively free of your past traumas

- Bring in powerful, new guides who are more than well equipped to massively level up your life

- Create a new persona that will help you handle every event in your future with ease and confidence

Master Intuitive Energetic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Course curriculum

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    2022 Opportunity Explosion Healing Event (Video Replay)

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